TS Scan Hosting : TWAIN Standard Compliant Scanner

TS Scan initially lists all of your local imaging devices to make the same accessible on your RDS or Remote Desktop Server. It's possible to use TS Scan on almost any kind of network via advanced compression methods and use of Microsoft Virtual Channel technology. The RDP scanning software is an ideal and highly reliable solution for enterprise environments.

Prominent Features of TS Scan

Seamless Remote Desktop Scanning
TS Scan enables you use scanners that are connected to your local workstation on terminal server, just in the way you would deploy them locally. With the help of seamless scanner-driver mapping, you can scan straight away from your scanners that are connected to a remote desktop server on any network.

Standalone Scanning Application

Besides using TS Scan for TWAIN mapping, you can use it simply as a standalone GUI application. For using it as GUI application, you need not install any third-party scanning applications. It's due to the reason that TS Scan comes packed with all necessary functionality.
Scan to TIFF, JPEG & BMP
You can use the TS Scan GUI application for scanning documents from your local scanner to the terminal server. Documents can be saved in common image formats like JPEG or BMP. Alternatively, you can scan them directly into PDF documents. This will both your save time & resources.

Perfect for Healthcare Providers

TS Scan enables you to scan patients' documents to the central terminal server. You can thus make the scanned data easily & securely available to your staff. No loss in image quality occurs and so even the most crucial medical charts, scans, and other documents exactly retain all desired information.


• No Loss in Image Quality
• Quicker Image Transfer
• Extremely Secure Scanning
• Better Image Quality
• TWAIN standard compliant scanner
• Customize Internal Settings

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