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++ How To Enter A Discount In Quickbooks

Discount is a fixed amount or a percentage that is deducted from a total amount that you owed the vendor.
To enter a discount:-

Step 1 –

Enter the amount of discount.


The discount amount can’t be greater than the amount of the bill.


Step 2 –

From the dropdown menu, choose the Discount Account from where you can track income from discounts. If you haven’t setup one yet, click Add New.

Step 3 –

(optional step) If you are using classes to track the account balances, then choose the appropriate class from the dropdown list.

Step 4 –

Click on Done.

You can also set the QuickBooks to use discount automatically or you can enter your own.

To apply the discounts and credits Automatically to the bills you pay

Only the QuickBooks Administrator can do this.

To do this task:-

Step 1 –

Select Edit > Preferences.

Step 2 –

Click on the Bills icon and then click on Company Preferences tab.

Step 3 –

To apply existing vendor credits automatically when paying bills, select ‘Automatically use credits’.

Step 4 –

To apply early or on-time payment discounts automatically when paying bills, select ‘Automatically use discounts’.

Step 5 –

Select a Default Discount Account to track applied discounts and credits on your profit & loss statement.

Step 6 –

Click on OK button. Quickbooks Helpline Customer Service Number By Intuit Support. @ 1800-865-4183.

When you select and highlight each bill, then the amount of any discount or credits is automatically deducted from the Amount to Pay for that bill.

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