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To track the goods and services that ordered, then your A/P workflow includes – creating purchase orders, receiving inventory, and paying the bills.

Step 1 – Create a Purchase Order

Use Purchase Orders when ordering items. Using POs keeps you on top of your inventory as it helps you track the items ordered and received.

• To create the purchase orders:
1. In Home screen, select Purchase Orders.
2. Select Vendor dropdown and choose an existing vendor or enter a new vendor.
3. (Optional step) Change the entries in the Vendor, like ‘Date’, ‘P.O. No.’ or ‘Ship To’ fields.
4. Fill the line item area by entering the items want to order.
5. You can use the Memo or Vendor Message fields to document your purchase order.
6. Click Save and Close.

Step 2 – Receive Inventory

1. In the Home screen, select Receive Inventory and choose the Receive Inventory with Bill. Now the Enter Bills window will open.
2. From the dropdown, select the vendor name.
3. Click Yes on the Open POs Exist dialogue box that appears.
4. On the Open Purchase Orders section, choose the correct PO and click Ok.
5. Review the information on the Bill.
6. Click Save and Close.

Step 3: Pay Bills

Use this form to view and pay the bills that you entered.
To pay bills:-
1. In the Home screen, click on Pay Bills.
2. If you have more than one A/P account, then choose the appropriate A/P account.
3. Now select the bills you want to pay.
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