QuickBooks 2016 : How to Select the Industry Type and Accounts

Quickbooks industry types.

Referring to our blog post on How to create company file in QuickBooks 2016?
I was creating a company file in QuickBooks in which I was needed to choose the industry type and respective accounts option.

To get this done, perform the following sequence of steps :

Step 1:

● Select the QuickBooks icon and press double click traversing cursor over it.
● Choose “Create a New Company” button, before going on next step.

QuickBooks 2016 : How to Select the Industry Type and Accounts

Step 2:

● You will observe a new page with “Start Setup” button .

Click on “Start setup”

Step 3:
● This will navigate you to the following screen where you need to fill your business details.
● Fields marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory.
● Fill the necessary details.
● Select “Help to choose” for duly filling up the industry type option.

● “select your industry” page will appear on the screen.

Step 4:

● Referring to the above figure :
● You can search for the industry type that matches your company by clicking on [1]
● Go on the “Industry” List box [2] and opt for Industry type
● Along with all associated relevant fields/entities, the “Accounts” list box [3] will get auto-populated.
● In case you opt for “others” present in the “Industry” List box, then you will observe a vacant “Accounts” list box.

Source: Quickbooks helpline Phone Number via Intuit.

● Select “Ok” [4] to finish the procedure.
● You will be back on the “create company” section.

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