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Proforma Client Data Files from the Previous Year to the Current Lacerte Tax Program

Problem Description

In this tutorial, we will learn about How to do Proforma clients from the previous year Lacerte to the current year Lacerte and How to transfer clients from the previous year to the current year?

Solution Description of the above problems are shown below:-


Solution Description

Before following the steps below to Proforma your clients.

Proforma is initiated in the Previous Year of Lacerte and transfers clients to the Current Year. For example, the final (Proforma) version of 2015 must be installed to transfer the clients from 2015 Lacerte to 2016 Lacerte. Make sure to Install the Proforma Release and Next Tax Year program.
To proforma your clients from the previous year program to the current year program:

1. Firstly, Open the previous year Lacerte Tax program.
2. Click on Tools option.
3. Select Transfer Clients (Proforma to 20??) option.
4.Click on Next option present on the Welcome to the Proforma Wizard window.
5.Select the process which you want to use to transfer your clients:

• Transfer all my clients for all modules at once (In that process,it will transfer all your clients for all installed program modules at one time)
• Select specific clients from the [Program Module] Tax program (In that process,it will do more control in selecting the clients you want to Proforma)

6.Click on Next button.

Source: Intuit Help Support Phone Number. 1800-865-4183.
7.Select the Type of Proforma Process ,here are three types of proforma and that are listed below:-

• Typical (Recommended)
• Custom
• Use settings from last time
• In that Typical option that will transfer your clients to the Lacerte default directories (i.e. C:\Lacerte\13tax). when you click on Next option ,you will be able to review your Proforma Settings before transferring your clients. To see where your clients are being transferred to, scroll down to the Client Data Destination directory section.

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