How to Resolve Duplicate SSN or EIN errors in ProSeries

New for 2012 ProSeries, the ‘EF Center Homebase View’ (or ‘EF Clients’ tab) ‘Next Step’ column will now provide assistance with resolving duplicate SSN or EIN errors. When a Return Duplicate SSN/EIN is reported in the EF Status column, the Next Step column will now display a Fix Duplicate SSN/EIN hyperlink

Simply click this Fix Duplicate SSN/EIN link. ProSeries will assess the issue and correct the EF Status, or guide you through resolving the duplicate SSN/EIN error.

1. If ProSeries discovers that you have already corrected a duplicate SSN/EIN condition by removing the original file containing that SSN or EIN, ProSeries will refresh the client file’s EF Center HomeBase record and clear the Return Duplicate SSN/EIN status.
2. If ProSeries discovers that more than one client shares the same SSN or EIN as the file reporting the Return Duplicate SSN/EIN status, a “Fix Duplicate SSN/EIN” window will open and identify ALL client files in the EF Center HomeBase View that share the SSN or EIN. Select the client file(s) you wish to Remove by checking the appropriate box: ProSeries will “unmark” the selected client file(s) for electronic filing to remove them from the EF Center and resolve the Return Duplicate SSN/EIN status. The selected clients are NOT deleted and will remain available on the HomeBase View for that return type.

In the Example below, you will notice 2 different client files exist for the same tax client. Each file was saved under a different file name.

Select the client that you wish to remove from your ProSeries EF Center HomeBase View, or the EF Clients tab. Click OK when your selections are complete.

ProSeries will process your selections and when complete, a confirmation window will report the results. The Return Duplicate SSN/EIN error has been resolved.

Situations to be aware of when resolving duplicate SSN/EINs through this utility:

• A return or client file that has already been filed electronically, or marked as ‘Ready for EF’ (if enabled), cannot be removed by this utility.
• You cannot Remove all client files reported in the Fix Duplicate SSN/EIN window. One client file must remain NOT marked for removal.
• If more than two client files share the same SSN/EIN, your Remove selections must be sufficient that only ONE client file remains. Example: If Three files share the same SSN/EIN, you must mark Two files to be removed.
• If ProSeries Access Rights are enabled, you must have rights to E-File and Open returns to use this utility to resolve duplicate errors.
• In the event you wish to manually correct a duplicate SSN or EIN condition, you may open the return to be removed, unmark the Federal and State return for electronic filing and then Save the return. You should then open and save the client file that will remain, to update the HomeBase record and remove the Return Duplicate EF status, if present on that client’s file.
• Duplicate returns can result when these two conditions are present:

1. The original return was marked for e-file.
2. The primary taxpayer’s tax return was enabled for e-file and the Married Split MFJ function was used.
• To correct this situation, choose which return to ‘unmark’ for e-file first then open and save it. If HomeBase still displays a ‘duplicate SSN’ error in the Electronic Filing HomeBase you will need to open the tax return(s) and save the tax return(s) to update the HomeBase record(s).

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