How to Make It so a QuickBooks File Isn't Marked as Read-Only

Any QuickBooks file that is set on read-only mode will open normally but the user can't edit it due to inaccessibility permission. The files that are on read only mode are often due to the content they carry. If you carry QuickBooks File onto your DVD or CD, you need to copy paste that file on your hard drive and then try to open that file. If you remove read only attribute from the file, you need to have this file on this hard drive and then you can edit. If you still get file in read-only mode even after changing its properties, run your QuickBooks file as an administrator.
If you try to restore backup of QuickBooks Company File, you often need to restore it in the same location. There may be situations when QuickBooks doesn't let you replace existing file – it means that the file only to set-only.
Restoring backup copy need to have multiple reason. There must be a corrupt file that needs to be restored. You might have been checking a new process and you need to bring that file onto the version before testing. Here, the problem is that you will the see the “read only” status in the existing QuickBooks file when user tries to restore the file in the same place.

How to remove QuickBooks read only mode.

  • In your application, go to the File Explorer and then go to the directory in which QuickBooks file the read-only is stored.
  • Find the affected file and right click on it and then when you see the pop-up menu, click on "Properties."
  • Now, select "General" tab, now, from "Read-Only," remove the check box.
  • Now, select "OK" and then retry to open the file.

Run QuickBooks as an Administrator

  1. 1. Turn your QuickBooks off if you are currently working on it.
  2. 2. From your Desktop Screen or Windows 8; in the menu, right-click the "QuickBooks" icon and then click on "Properties."
  3. 3. In the properties windows, select "Compatibility."
  4. 4. Now, in the privilege section of compatibility mode select "Run this Program as an Administrator."
  5. 5. Now, select "OK," to launch the process, click on QuickBooks app and then try to open the read-only file.

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