How to Access the Organizer or E-Organizer

Why This Gettting a Problem.

In this tutorial, we will learn about How to access the Organizer or E-Organizer? and also How to locate or find the Organizer or E-Organizer?
Here are the various steps to solve that problems and the following steps are:-

Solution Description

The Organizer and E-Organizer use the information of previous year to base the current year data off, therefore, the Organizer and E-organizer can only be found in the previous year Lacerte Tax program until the final release of the current Year Lacerte Tax program.
Example: To send your clients Organizers for TY16 based on the TY15 data, you should need to access and print Organizers or send E-Organizers from 2015 Lacerte Tax Program. The Organizer for 2016 Lacerte Tax Program will be on the final release of the 2015 Lacerte Tax Program (Proforma/Organizer release).
The 2015 Organizer/Proforma Release (for Tax Year 2016) will be available for download on 10/27/2016.
• The Lacerte Organizer is only supported in the Individual and Guardian modules.
• The Lacerte E-Organizer is only supported in the Individual module.

Steps to access the Organizer or E-Organizer in Lacerte:

1. Firstly,Open the Prior Year Lacerte program. (for Tax Year 2016, open the 2015 Lacerte Program)
2. Click on the Clients tab (to view the list of your clients).
3. Click on Tools Option.
4. Click on Organizer Option.
"The Tax Year 2015 E-Organizer (within 2014 Lacerte Tax) email service will not be available after October 31, 2016. The E-Organizer option “Save to Disk” will also be disabled."

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